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Emine Geçtan

Artist, she graduated from Faculty of Theology in Uludag University as a teacher of religious culture and moral knowledge in 2003.

She met the art of illumination in Bursa, 2002 and took the first illumination lessons from Suzan Cataloluk.

She took the illumination education from the teachers, Semih Irtes, Mamure Oz, Recep Cengiz ve Serap Bostanci Tuluk at Topkapi Palace in 2008. She completed the course of  illumination successfully arranged by General Directorate of Research and Education of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Turkey.

She took illumination lessons from Emel Turkmen, basic art’s education from Osman Kehri and scientific plant illustration lessons from Hulya Korkmaz between the years 2009 to 2011 in the Classical Turkish Arts Foundation.

She completed the practice of thuluth and naskh writing course from Calligrapher Gurkan Pehlivan between 2007 - 2015.

She keeps working on Illuminated Manuscript and Calligraphy as a tutorial, too.

  • She took the grand prize in Illuminated Manuscript branch in the International Illuminated Manuscript and Miniature Fest organized by Democratic Republic of Algeria in 2011.
  • 17th State Contest Exhibition of Turkish Ornamentation Arts, Exhibition, Baglarbasi Cultural Center, Istanbul, 2013.
  • Group Exhibition of Classical Turkish Fine Arts organized under favour of Holy Birth Week, Tayyare Cultural Center, Bursa, 2003
  • Collection, "Purple Dreams", Bosphorus and Redbud Exhibition, Baglarbasi Cultural Center, Istanbul, 2010.
  • Love of Yunus (Ask-i Yunus) Exhibition, Baglarbasi Cultural Center, Istanbul, 2010.
  • Golden Aureoles Yunus Emre Exhibition, Ethnography Art and Aculpture Museum, Ankara, 2010.
  • Group Exhibition, Hilton Hotel, Istanbul, 2010.
  • International (Hilye-i Serif) Contest Exhibition Cemal Resit Rey Exhibition Hall, Istanbul, 2012.
  • From Tradition to Future Turkey Meetings 2, Tuzla, Istanbul, 2012
  • 7th Redbud Exhibition, Middle East Research Institute of Marmara University, Sultanahmet, Istanbul, 2013.
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