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Of course I am not going to say that «Archimedes spiral or arithmetic spiral is such a curve that is tracked by a point, rapidly progressing towards outside, on the line which comes through origin and rotates with fixed angular speed in a two dimensional plane. It got its name from the Greek mathematician Archimedes, who lived in B.C. 3 th century, studied these curves in his book, namely, regarding curves. In the polar coordinate system, Archimedes spiral is expressed in the following equation»  I just wanted to show how it corresponds in the art of illumination.

Arithmetic spiralArithmetic spiral

«Logarithmic (or pentangular)» spiral  is a type of spiral, which is commonly seen in nature. It firstly was defined and explored by René Descartes and Jakob Bernoulli in 17th century. Bernoulli called this curve as spira mirabilis (miraculous spiral) due to its distinctive mathematical property and he legated a logarithmic spiral to be inscribed on his tombstone.» Maybe, according to him  this spiral was the picture  in this life, of his journey ongoing beyond the veil. In your opinion, how it seems in this work, to which I gave the  name of Zerefsan?

As far as I learned its name from my teachers «spiral», symbolizes the inner of the illumination in an  exquisite way. A flow from «Multitude» to «One» or from «One» to «Multitude»… One of the projection of eternity on the Earth are these spirals... Every creature sustains its own task basing on this cycle. I think, it is needless to say that the only creature turning his cyle to vicious circle is human. I like to use both spirals in my studies. For this reason, I give up asking the question given above. It is in our power to establish harmony to our cycles, running  through  each other and involve in eternity.

I wish everything will be OK for you.

Emine GECTAN 2015

Logarithmic spiralLogarithmic spiral


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